Heyaa guys. Today I just came back home. Honestly, my feelings are mixed. I can say the decision to come to London completely changed my life. Especially my vision of life at all. I had the happiest period of my life here and that means a lot. There I realised dreams really come true and spreading positivity will pay you back. Thanks to the universe for every one person who came to my life. Doesn’t matter if they ment to affect my life in a positive or negative way because it depends on me how I took it from them (99% people who I met there were amazing though). Well, I am talking like I am not coming back ๐Ÿ˜€ It’s only that weird feeling the next period of life is finished and new one is starting. And me full of energy and with many new plans…

I am wearing top and bra from H&M, jeans and espadrilles from Primark.


May changes

Hey, guys! I’ve been just thinking recently that I need to do some changes in my life. London (especially this place where I live) has made me a happy person again and I’ve got new wind into my life and realised many things… For example, if you’re not happy, you are the only one who can change it! Not your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, friends… Yea, it’s true, people can affect your life. This happened to me when I was in Prague last year in June and I met people who absolutely changed my angle of vision. I met them accidentally and only for few hours. Back to the point. I gonna continue my uni here in London after my break back home and some travelling. I feel so excited ๐Ÿ™‚ It will be a new experience and for me something completely different than studying in Slovakia.

About photoshoot ๐Ÿ™‚ With my lovely friend we wanted to find a new place for taking pics so we went to the City of London. Actually, it was so cold there and I was freezing all the time in this outfit. Aaah I want summer so bad ๐Ÿ™‚

I am wearing pants and hat from Primark, top from Tally Weijl, vest from F&F, choker from one nice shop in the shopping centre close to my house (I don’t know the name) and shoes from River Island.


World through glasses

Hey, guys. I hope you had at least as nice weekend as I have. I will have one free week in May so why not spend it with travelling. And we are going to Paris! Really can’t wait for this trip. I’ve been there already but I was 15 and I loved it so much. It was March and I still remember that feeling I got one evening. I was walking on the streets and warm air touched my skin. In March it was such a feeling of freedom when back home was still cold and snowy and even if you are a child and without your family somewhere far away from your home. I’ve always had an adventurous soul.

Another story is this cute fluffy ball. I know they are everywhere and at first, I liked them but recently they weren’t anything interesting for me. But when I saw this one which has three colours, white, pink and grey, I absolutely fell in love with this combination.

Nowadays, it’s a trend to wear clear glasses even if you don’t need. First time I saw them here in London… Accidentally, I noticed them in Camden so I bought them. However, they’ve been lying longer time in my closet.

I am wearing black jumpsuit and jacket from H&M, black shirt from Marciano Guess, bag from Michael Kors, fluffy ball from Primark, shoes from Schuh and glasses I found in Camden market.

Look at this cute house… It’s here in London close to Knightsbridge.


Sunny Saturday in Hyde Park

The first Saturday in London after Dubai. It was really difficult to get used to this city again, especially to the ‘winter’. Well, it’s not a winter here anymore but if I compare to Dubai it’s a winter. So happy to go to Hyde Park again. It’s my favourite place so far. We also rented bikes for few hours and enjoyed that amazing sunny weather. Love it so much.

I love to wear black and I feel comfortable in it. When I saw that burgundy cap I knew I wanna have it.  At first it was a big decision if I wanna pink or burgundy, though. I really like this shammy material, too. The trend of big gold earrings was here before and it’s coming back again…

I am wearing black jeans and top from H&M, cap, backpack and earrings from Primark, shoes from Guess and I have no idea where is that jacket from… It was a present.

Have a nice Easter ๐Ÿ™‚


Light colours in Notting Hill


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Notting Hill is my favourite part of London (I have more, though :), so we decided to go there on Thursday. At weekends it is much busier because there are street markets, but also like this, without crowds, it was like in a fairytale. I would look at those colourful houses every day.

I love to combine this light pink coat with white colour. Somebody could think that light colours don’t match together but I think they do well.

I am wearing top from Calliope, trousers from Marciano Guess, coat from C&A, choker from New Look and earrings from H&M.