One lovely day in Paris

Heey guys. I hope you’ve been doing well. As I mentioned in my post before I planned trip to Paris. My friend came to visit me in London and we went to Paris together. Thank you Evi 😘 We had amazing time. We had flight from London early morning so it was hard to wake up but we felt much more excited because we couldn’t realised if we’re still dreaming or what…

Yes, I love views from the plane. Just can’t describe that feeling. I could stare out of the window all the time like on my first flight ever.

At first, we were heading to Champs Élysées. We found this cute shop with macarons. I searched for it and found it also in London. Going to visit for sure. Perfect for everyone who likes everything cute and sweet.

It was a challenge to pack my all stuff to 10 kg baggage and I was thinking a lot what to take with me, which clothes match with others… And then, when I was unpacking in Paris I was just asking myself why I didn’t take this and that. Girly issues…  

I am wearing my favourite cardigan from Marciano Guess, top from Tally Weijl, jeans from H&M and choker from eBay.

So happy we had such a wonderful weather.

Really good ice cream… But honestly, I really miss that our slovakian. Maybe because I’ve been in London for a longer time and I miss slovakian food at all.

We didn’t go inside because we came there quite late as we didn’t realise what’s the time. We were just staring why is it closed and then we checked the time and it was around 8:30 pm. Did you know the sunset in Paris at the end of May is at 9:50 ? Haha that was great.

Our way to Eiffel tower…

We had to go to see Eiffel tower first day for sure. Haha. We really loved that peaceful atmosphere and people sitting on the grass and drinking wine and beer (didn’t know drinking outside is allowed there 🙂 It was awesome. I am used to it in London too, but almost forgot how I was missing this in Slovakia.

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