May changes

Hey, guys! I’ve been just thinking recently that I need to do some changes in my life. London (especially this place where I live) has made me a happy person again and I’ve got new wind into my life and realised many things… For example, if you’re not happy, you are the only one who can change it! Not your boyfriend, girlfriend, parents, friends… Yea, it’s true, people can affect your life. This happened to me when I was in Prague last year in June and I met people who absolutely changed my angle of vision. I met them accidentally and only for few hours. Back to the point. I gonna continue my uni here in London after my break back home and some travelling. I feel so excited 🙂 It will be a new experience and for me something completely different than studying in Slovakia.

About photoshoot 🙂 With my lovely friend we wanted to find a new place for taking pics so we went to the City of London. Actually, it was so cold there and I was freezing all the time in this outfit. Aaah I want summer so bad 🙂

I am wearing pants and hat from Primark, top from Tally Weijl, vest from F&F, choker from one nice shop in the shopping centre close to my house (I don’t know the name) and shoes from River Island.

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