World through glasses

Hey, guys. I hope you had at least as nice weekend as I have. I will have one free week in May so why not spend it with travelling. And we are going to Paris! Really can’t wait for this trip. I’ve been there already but I was 15 and I loved it so much. It was March and I still remember that feeling I got one evening. I was walking on the streets and warm air touched my skin. In March it was such a feeling of freedom when back home was still cold and snowy and even if you are a child and without your family somewhere far away from your home. I’ve always had an adventurous soul.

Another story is this cute fluffy ball. I know they are everywhere and at first, I liked them but recently they weren’t anything interesting for me. But when I saw this one which has three colours, white, pink and grey, I absolutely fell in love with this combination.

Nowadays, it’s a trend to wear clear glasses even if you don’t need. First time I saw them here in London… Accidentally, I noticed them in Camden so I bought them. However, they’ve been lying longer time in my closet.

I am wearing black jumpsuit and jacket from H&M, black shirt from Marciano Guess, bag from Michael Kors, fluffy ball from Primark, shoes from Schuh and glasses I found in Camden market.

Look at this cute house… It’s here in London close to Knightsbridge.

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