Nikki Beach Dubai

That was one of the most amazing places in Dubai where I’ve been. I even can’t describe the feeling I had. Just how you feel after long winter back in London or even worst in Slovakia… And you can get tan (drinking and eating too) and just chill for a whole day. We got our private bed only for us. I loved that it wasn’t crowded. Such a nice weather, not that hot, but perfect after the winter. Sea was cold, though. Couldn’t go in.

I found these beauties there 😍 So beautiful colours. It seemed to be a favourite activity… Yeah, sometimes you can go back to childhood.

Why not to eat burgers every day ? I loved them. So cute and delicious.

Yeah, I see that cup under but who cares.

Few of me. Just getting first tan. I am wearing my black swimsuit from New Yorker.

Niiice, pool, palms, music, sun, favourite person. What else do you need ?

Waiting for a beautiful sunset. Such a dream…

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